What We Believe

In this day and age, our world as a whole is becoming more and more detached from our spirituality.  With the ever-growing technological boom, action-packed schedules full of stress and chaos, and households that often feature parents who both work 40-hour weeks and children who participate in nearly every single extracurricular activity offered, it can be difficult to take extra time out of our day for mental upkeep; however, Enlighzen believes that that is exactly what we need.

By taking time to learn about spirituality, enlightenment, Zen, and the specific techniques that foster growth in these areas, overall happiness both individually and as a whole will improve.  We believe that everyone should have easy access to these concepts and have an environment that promotes happiness, health, and wellness.

Who We Are

With varying levels of experience regarding this lifestyle on the path to enlightenment, we are people thirsty for more knowledge and interested in helping others quench that same thirst.  We are people who have very different lifestyles as recent college graduates transitioning to the “real world”, and this gives us unique perspectives on how Enlighzen applies to everyday life.

What Does Enlighzen Mean?

Enlightenment starts with the realization that everything in life is connected.  We are all created from and composed by the same things.  Zen is the ability to reach a state of extreme calm and content that allows us to perceive all moments in our lives for what they are while also seeing the good in things.  Enlighzen is coupling that ability (Zen) with the realization of connections in the universe (enlightenment) to enjoy every individual moment in our lives.

Enlighzen is about realizing that worrying about a certain status or label or title we think we need or should attain is not what life is about.  There should be no title we feel pressured to become in order to be happy.  Rather, the process of chasing our dreams, enjoying each moment along the way, and being open to changes is how we can truly find lifelong happiness.  Whether we work at a gas station, run a country, or play a game for a living does not matter.  What matters is accepting ourselves for who we are and finding happiness with everything we do, all while helping others to do the same along the way.  That is the Enlighzen message.