The Law of Attraction is a simple yet complex concept that says your thoughts create your outcomes. The basic idea is that thinking positive or negative thoughts will attract positive or negative results in your life.

Here are some examples of common negative thoughts people have:

I can’t do it.
I’ll never win.
I’m poor.
I always get sick.
This always happens to me.
Everything sucks.
This is a very short list, but I’m sure you have several types of thoughts similar to these on a daily basis. Thinking these types of thoughts will bring negativity into every aspect of your life, whether you are currently aware of it or not.

Albert Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, essentially proved that everything in the universe is energy. This means that all things such as people, animals, rocks, plants, cars, planets, and everything in the universe is all made up of vibrating atoms. Furthermore, all energy is constantly vibrating (waves), and vibrates at different speeds (frequencies). The Law of Attraction says frequencies attract other like frequencies and will work in harmony together.

Over the past few years, this principle has become flooded with tons of “get rich” schemes and nonsense surrounding it, giving it a somewhat pseudoscience or negative connotation associated with it. You can read all the articles, scientific studies, or disagreements about it that you want, but use your own life as a true evaluation of its validity.

Do you constantly think negative thoughts and experience negative results? Or, do you have friends who are always happy, lucky, and everything just seems to go their way? This doesn’t consistently happen to people over a period of time for no reason, it’s due to the Law of Attraction.

In order for you to change how your thoughts impact your life, you must:

1. Become aware of your thoughts and begin writing them down. Create two columns to see the percentage of your negative vs positive thoughts.

2. Realize that these are just your thoughts and extensively examine your results. Compare these thoughts with what you currently experience in your life, and find correlations between them.

3. Shift the way that you think and communicate your words. Every time you catch yourself thinking negatively, take a deep breath and correct it with a positive thought by saying I can do this, I’m smart, I’m healthy, I’m lucky; it will take time, effort, and patience. This is the most important process because you will essentially be rewiring how your brain functions over time.

4. Believe in the process, and continually notice improvements in your life. If you practice and believe it, everything in your life will begin to align with positive outcomes, and the negative ones will begin to disappear.

5. Visualize in your mind exactly how you want things to be in your life. The best practice for this is to create a vision board, filled with everything that you want on it. Every morning, look over the board and visualize that these things are already in your life.

6. Practice this process and begin to delve into it deeper. Explore articles and research studies on how thoughts create our realities, perspectives, and even the people who we surround ourselves with – “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Applying these principles and instilling positive thinking in your life will revolutionize the world as you know it. The key is to have patience and believe in the process – if you don’t believe, you will never achieve.

As of 2015, we still have an immeasurable amount of information to learn about the human mind and the world as we know it. However, the principle of thoughts creating your reality can be found throughout history, religion, and is practiced by several successful people such as Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, and Jim Carrey.

The Law of Attraction isn’t the secret to the universe, but it is a huge factor in creating the life that you desire. The sooner that you expand your mind and begin to think differently, the more opportunities you will have to enhance your life.