We’ve researched and used every investment app, and we can assure you the best overall investing solution is M1 Finance without a doubt.

Stop wasting your time researching and start investing today. Here’s why M1 Finance is the best.

  • 100% FREE No Management fees or commissions
  • Fractional Shares
  • Build your own custom pie of individual stocks or funds
  • Dividend Reinvestment (goes into the whole pie)
  • Awesome easy to use mobile app with detailed insights
  • Automated Investing, rebalancing and tax efficiency
  • Invest Accounts: Individual, Joint, Trust
  • Retire Accounts: Traditional, Roth, SEP
  • Can Borrow up to 35% of your portfolio (nice but don’t recommend)
  • M1 Spend Checking Account 1.5% APY, 1% Cash Back, $0 Minimum Balance

Stash, Acorns, Betterment, and Robinhood are all cool investing apps, but none of them come close to what M1 Finance offers. Don’t make the same mistake we did by continually opening and closing accounts.

The one drawback is that invest accounts require $100 minimum to open and retirement accounts have a $500 minimum deposit. This is not a big deal. Investing spare change into apps like acorns and only $5 into Stash costs your you more monthly in fees that what you potentially could gain. If you have that little money you need to get on Dave Ramsey’s plan and also work on increasing your income.

Take control of your investing and allocation by starting off with M1 Finance. If you know nothing, just start with an S&P 500 index fund like VOO and progressively diversify your portfolio as you research and learn more. Invest early and often! Dollar cost averaging is your friend and M1 Finance is the best investing solution.

Click here to Signup today. You don’t have to deposit anything to create an account and browse all the features M1 Finance offers.

The video below is long, but it shows you M1 hands on and is worth browsing through.