Enlighzen is the combination of enlightenment and zen, that represents the moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

“Humans are now focused on how other humans will engage in their digital life now and in the future, instead of actually living.

Enlighzen was founded in 2015 with the basic idea to expand or alter people’s perspectives on life. We dabbled into merchandise and we couldn’t figure out what our focus as a company should be. In 2020, it is very difficult to try and focus with so many different avenues you can pursue. It’s become ingrained within us that we need MORE MORE MORE!!! in every aspect of life. So, we took some time off and here we are in 2020 with a clear mind on who we are, where we are going and what the purpose of Enlighzen is.

Enlighzen’s sole mission is to provide humans with information that will improve their life by focusing on simplicity and enhancing perspectives. We want to enable as many people on the planet as possible to simplify their lives, find happiness and start living in the moment. The circle around our logo is an enso, which is a brushstroke that represents the moment when the mind is free to let the body create. Today, enso’s have become overused in logos all over, but that is what it stands for.

The most common ways these moments are experienced is when you are engaging in something that you love and all your thoughts vanish…

  • An athlete playing a sport
  • A Musician performing a song
  • Competing in a videogame
  • Hiking in the mountains
  • Dancing
  • SEX

The main reason people have hobbies and partake in these activities is because of the moments of bliss where they are just living that it provides them. The goal of Enlighzen is to declutter your life, make it simple, and allow you to live in these moments of bliss as often as possible. That is the path to enlightenment.

There is a misconception that you have to do van life, quit your job, go live in nature to become a zen master. While some are able to do this and be happy, it doesn’t work for the large majority of humans living in 2020 with bills, debts, families and obligations.

Our goal is to provide you the financial, mind, body, and lifestyle resources to allow you to optimize the life that you want to enable the success and happiness you desire. The world has become filled with clutter and companies with sole desire to make profit. Essentially, the internet has rewired our brains and negatively impacted humans daily lives and happiness.

The non stop advertisements and media is geared toward convincing and narrowing your perspective into only purchasing certain products and services. Telling humans if you buy $3,000 purse or shoes it’s somehow going to enhance your life. It’s not. The large majority of ‘luxury brands’ are actually made by the same companies and manufacturers who make $30 purses and shoes. They cost significantly more because of the millions spent on ADVERTISING and building the brand. A very small portion is actually spent on increased quality or better materials (few exceptions). We will shine more light on this in the future, but stop listening to advertisements, influencers, models and actually start living by making your own decisions.

To our knowledge, humans today have the most information and resources available to them to do or learn anything we want, yet people have never felt more lost or disconnected than ever.

It’s time we alter people’s perspectives and we start providing the resources for people to stop believing everything they read and allow them to start actually living. Welcome to the Enlighzen Life my friends.